How to contribute to CEASIOMpy

We highly encourage and appreciate any contributions to CEASIOMpy.

Reporting bugs

Writing a new module

  • First, you should check the code guidelines

  • Fork the CEASIOMpy repository on you own Github account

  • On your own fork you can now (on your Master branch or another one)

  • Copy the module named ” ModuleTemplate”

  • Rename it as you want

  • Write you python module and all the functions it needs to run

  • If you use a lot of subfunctions, use the the folder /func to store them

  • If your module needs some external file to run (template, configuration file, etc.) put them in the folder /files

  • Write its file, which describes its input/output and RCE integration

  • Make all the required tests and validations to be sure the your module outputs the expected results

  • Write its test functions, as example you can check: /ceasiompy/test/TestModuleTemplate/

  • Write its documentation page, as example you can check: /ceasiompy/doc/source/user_guide/modules/ModuleTemplate/

  • Create a “New pull request” to integrate all your changes in the CEASIOMpy main branch

This is what the folder structure of a modules typically looks like:

Module folder structure